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About the GoldenTyre brand

GoldenTyre products are created to satisfy the needs of professional riders, sportsmen and women, and enthusiasts. Product development is also a result of the close collaboration between the brand and teams from the various motorcycle disciplines : Motocross, Enduro, Rally, Minicross, Trial, Speedway, Flat Track and Supermotard.

This support work yields important technical data both for the production of new models and the continuous improvement of existing ones, in order to always offer the best possible product.

Furthermore, quality control is carried out following strict standards, to ensure the end user gets maximum product quality.

The GoldenTyre profile

GoldenTyre produces and distributes tyres both for motorcycles and lightweight vehicles and has a catalogue of products covering various different sectors (Motocross, Enduro, Rally, On-Off Enduro, Minicross, Supermotard, Speedway, Trials, Flat Track, Scooter, Trasport, Vintage Car Tyre, Mousse and Inner Tubes ).

Its distribution network has a global reach spanning over 40 countries.
GoldenTyre has always been involved in research and development, and continues to dedicate its energy and  resources to improving products in terms of performance and reliability, never failing to keep a keen eye on pricing policy.

Furthermore, thanks to its racing commitment, Goldentyre supports teams and riders all over the world who also become involved in the product design stages: feedback and field testing supply the data required for the continuous development of the product.

History of GoldenTyre

The GoldenTyre brand began life in the early eighties from the experience and professional expertise of a group of specialised technicians in the tyre sector. In 2004 it became the property of Buymec S.r.l., Bientina (Pisa), a young, dynamic company specialized in the production and distribution of motorcycle products, who, in a very short time, increased brand visibility by delivering new products into the market that shaped the history of the company.

GoldenTyre entered the racing world and gained global recognition to become a key supplier of high level, technologically advanced racing products. Every effort in this direction has been justly rewarded by the results obtained over the years.

Blakliquid T/as GoldenTyre Australia import and distribute GoldenTyres in Australia.